Tips On Buying A Beginner’s First Set Of Golf Clubs

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Generally, once one has decided on which sport to take up, there are two next crucial steps to take. The first one is signing up for lessons, which also involves looking for the right teacher and for the right school or venue (such as a tennis court or a golf course). The next step is purchasing the recommended equipment before the first lesson comes.
While it’s quite easy to find good instructors or good venues for taking up a sport, purchasing the right equipment can prove to be tricky. If the aspiring athlete isn’t careful, they end up wasting quite a bit of money and having to deal with shoddy equipment. Golf is one sport where having the right tools is absolutely necessary, but choosing and purchasing them can often be daunting for beginners. This is partly because there is such a dizzying variety of golf clubs and wedges, and mostly because such items can cost a small fortune to collect.

Below is a short list of tips that are meant to assist aspiring golfers as they purchase their first set of golf clubs:

Golf bags• For those who happen to have friends who are already involved with the sport, try to borrow their clubs or wedges to get a feel for them before heading to the nearest golf shop. While golfers generally come in all shapes and sizes and thus require different sorts of equipment, trying out someone else set for size can give one a better idea of what to look for at the golf shop (be it heavier/lighter golf clubs with longer/shorter handles, etc.). Also, as a bonus, some avid golfers often upgrade their equipment as they get better at the game, so they may opt to sell their old clubs and wedges to their beginner friends at a discounted price. Provided that the said equipment is a decent match for the beginner, he or she could get a nice set of discount golf clubs as a result.

• Ask someone at the golf shop for assistance. Decent golf shops usually have trained staff that can help an aspiring golfer get fitted for their equipment properly. And if there’s anything that an aspiring golfer should prioritize when it comes to their first set of golf clubs, it’s making sure that they get exactly the right fit. In addition to this, golf shop salespeople can also help the aspiring golfer sort through the store’s discount golf clubs to find suitable equipment in case the latter happens to be on a budget.

Golf Iron Set• In case you are purchasing a set of used, discount golf clubs, try them out first. Whether one is buying them from a store or from a former golfer, it’s important to try swinging the said golf clubs a few times to see if they feel right. Also, be careful when purchasing discount golf clubs online. Most brick-and-mortar shops have pretty good return policies in case the golf clubs turn out to be unsatisfactory for the buyer, but not all e-commerce websites offer the same courtesy (and neither do they have the means to allow prospective buyers to try the golf clubs out first). Check the website’s policies before making a final purchase.

• Focus on purchasing the bare minimum set first, and then gradually build up the set as the need arises (if at all). Quite a few first-time golfers get excited by the prospect of having their own full set of golf clubs, so they end up buying so much more than they actually need for their lessons. Some of them end up not pursuing their golf training, however, so they often end up with a lot of overpriced junk.