Things to Know about Prohormones

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Among the substances that make up the human body are hormones. They play an important role to maintain order in the body for they serve as messengers that travel through the different parts to help and coordinate with the cells and organs to do their respective works.

The role of prohormones then is to strengthen and to enhance those already existing hormones in the body. They are the precursors to those hormones present in the human body.

It undergoes a process of conversion until it becomes a fully active hormone. The first step in that process is that it would be filtered by the liver during metabolism through the use of the liver enzymes, which would speed up the process of conversion until it would become an active hormone and serve as an anabolic steroid. The enzymes present in the liver are needed for a conversion to take place.


It enhances and strengthens the hormones in the body, thus enabling the body to have more and stronger muscles. Furthermore, it increases the production of testosterone which are responsible for the appearance of male characteristics although females also have a production of these hormones. They are the ones responsible for building muscle mass as well as for endurance. It can also be used to increase the weight of a person.


chemicalBodybuilders and athletes are the common users of prohormones. It gives them the results that the usual anabolic steroids can provide. It can give them the strength and endurance that they need to meet the demands of their chosen fields like in the case of the body builders, so that they could be able to lift heavier weights and achieve the bodies they desire. For the athletes, their training sessions and chosen sport may demand highly of their energy and endurance to be able to keep up, this then is where the supplement can be of help to them. Aside from those, it can also help them recover faster if ever they have figured in an accident and got themselves injured.

People who suffer from medical conditions that involve muscle wasting or muscle loss are also some who make use of this supplement. This is because doing so would help them maintain a healthy and desirable weight.

There are limitations though to who can make use of the supplement. For one, those below the age of 21 are not yet advised to take them especially since during puberty, the production of testosterone hormones are at its highest and there are still a lot of changes happening to their bodies. Making use of the supplement can thus upset their normal growth and hormone production.

There is also a high tendency for the women who would intend to use the supplement to have androgenic effects or to have a development of some male features or characteristics. As mentioned, prohormones increase the production of testosterone in the body.


Prohormones are not entirely safe for they are methylated which means there is a possibility of bringing harm upon the liver by bringing in toxins. Although there are some that are developed as non-methylated. Still, the effects brought about by the supplement would also rely on how often the supplement is used and whether expert recommendations are strictly followed such as the use of post cycle therapy (PCT) which could help them to balance the natural hormone production and to avoid lapses as well.

Aside from that, it also has some side effects such as hair loss, enlargement of the tissues in the breasts, and skin acne. The good thing though about prohormones is that they are considered legal compares to the steroids that people got used to. In general then, they are a bit safer use if to be compared to steroids especially since there are already some that are safe enough for the liver.